20 April 2013


What better time to begin my blogging than Springtime?
It's finally here!  After a dreary not-so-cold winter of rain, rain, and more rain, the air is warming, hummingbirds are fighting ruthlessly over the feeder, blossoms are popping everywhere, and the breezes are wafting fragrances of hyacinths, daffodils, violets, and daphne throughout my little piece of Heaven here on BC's Sunshine Coast.
It's the best time to pull unwanted buttercups, fireweed, dandelions, and other seedy intruders, since I can still see the soil clearly between the emerging new growth of resident plants. And I can spend time outdoors without freezing.

The Journey Begins

Since September, 2001, right after "911", I have journeyed annually to Turkey.  Known over the ages as "The East of the West and the West of the East", this fascinating country lives up to its title.  An intriguing combination of the ancient & the modern, the conservative & the flamboyant, Turkey is a nation of fiercely independent, proud, determined, & honourable people who value their history & traditions.
For the sake of continuity, I begin this blog with the first post from my last visit to Turkey, in 2012.....

18 April 2013


As Life rolls relentlessly onward and I find myself well past the middle of it, I've decided it's time to indulge the writer in me -- not with the usual letters to the editor or art exhibition proposals or other such purposeful endeavours, but for the pure joy of writing. 

I'm interested in everything. Here's hoping I can make everything interesting . . . . .